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About sarahah snapchat:

So many members are excited in how the sarahah account can link with their snapchat account. you can share your posts or messages in between these two apps, but you can’t link your sarahah directly to the snapchat account. The new future sarahah snapchat is added on 5th July 2017. you can add text and emojis on the right side of a new snapchat. Users can take the clipboard on right side of paper clip icon. Here you can link to a new post of sarahah.

Here the users can also get an option swip up to access the live stories. So snapchat users profile can simply link with the sarahah account. Already we all know that snapchat is mostly popular on social websites and millions of peoples are use this snap chat. But sarahah is the new latest version of the social website. Daily so many peoples are joined in this sarahah account. now so many persons are want to link their snapchat account with the sarahah account and also with the Instagram.

Conclusion of sarahah snapchat:

Without any problems you can link sarahah with your snapchat account. Still if you face any problems in linking with snapchat then go through the comment box below with your problems. As early as possible we can clear your problems. If you see this helpful article then share it with your friends and family members. The above process can also link the sarahah with the snapchat account. Recently this Sarahah snapchat account is so popular because now a days so many members have their snapchat account. Those all persons or users are now want to link their snapchat account with the sarahah account.

How to link sarahah to snapchat:

If you want to link sarahah account to your snapchat account then follow the below steps,

  • First open the snapchat app on your android mobile phone.
  • Click on the snap (photo & video).
  • And then click the paperclip icon on the right side of the image.
  • In that type your URL of sarahah profile. But it should not include spaces in your URL of sarahah profile.
  • After that your sarahah profile will be loaded and then on search button.
  • Finally your sarahah account link is added in snapchat account successfully.

Suppose the above process is not working then go through the method 2 which is given below,

Method 2:

  • First open the snapchat app on your android mobile.
  • And then click on snap (photo and video).
  • Then click the paperclip icon on right side of image.
  • Then search box is opened, in that box type the
  • And then next click the search option .
  • Now here opened the site.
  • In that click the login option.
  • Login to your registered sarahah account. If you don’t have the sarahah account then first register to sarahah.
  • And in below image click the profile link.
  • Finally sarahah snapchat is done successfully.

Features of sarahah snapchat:

These are the features of sarahah snapchat,

  • With emoji, decorate your snaps.
  • In one snap can use multiple users.
  • Add face effects to other persons.
  • we can make our emoji interactive.
  • Bigger letters are used.
  • Without friends knowing you can take the screenshots.
  • Bring the back old filters.
  • You can zoom your video.
  • Have less data.
  • Have less battery.
  • You can make your own stickers.
  • You can activate night camera mode.
  • Send your snaps hands free.
  • You can go over the word limit.

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