Sarahah exposed | How to know the site is a fake or real

Sararah Exposed: We are confidently said that is a fake site after testing the sarahah exposed site.the home page of sarahah exposed is also a fake page.If you comment on this site but it always showing like “we are getting a number of comments, so please wait” like this. Sarahah, the anonymous messaging app that has taken the world by storm, is facing further problems after a series of fake websites have popped up online claiming to expose the identities of users.We are testing all the comments but it repeats the above-mentioned sentence. We survey again and again in many times about on the sarahah exposed but finally, we are mentioned as it is a fake site and is not working.check it out our recent articles amazon appstore apk, aptoide apk, getapk market, bbm apk, Clash Of Clans Apk.

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How to work this fake site:

  • First, it asks the sarahah user name.
  • It does some formalities after click on the check option.
  • And click on decrypt my messages option.
  • Then one survey tab is opened.
  • And next, it will ask you the one formality like complete the survey.
  • But don’t complete your survey because it is a fake.

About Sarahah exposed:

We are sharing the one fantastic article that is the sarahah exposed. But we are finalized as it is a fake site. Before that you know the full details of sarahah and it is used to sending or receiving the feedback. Zain al Abiding Tawfiq was developed this sarahah and he is a Saudi Arabic programmer. sarahah exposed app is mostly used for the office work. So by this workers can easily give their feedback to their bosses and also for the co-workers. Recently this app is popular as one of the social networks.Gadgets Now reports that some users have received messages that read “Announcement: A lot of people have been asking for a site to reveal anonymous senders. Now here you have it at”.

So all most all the users are sending the messages to their friends and relative members. Firstly it is available in Arabic language and later it is updated in the English language. On app store, it is very fastly popular in anywhere. In Arabic sarahah means honesty. The brief information of is given in below. But it is a fake site. So all are known about this sarahah exposed in below. You can also check the fake site of site.

Sarahah exposed work or not?

All the users or peoples are sending the good or bad messages to the unknown persons after launching the sarahah exposed. The users also received the fake messages “I love you or I hate you” like these messages. That’s why all most all users are excited to know the name of the person who send the fake messages.In previous days, peoples who said the name of the fake messages senders are followed the site.

So by this reason number of users are using this sarahah exposed. But it does not work because we are testing the with our sarahah account. We also have the users comments about sarahah exposed. Those are also commented as an “it is a fake site and it does not work” like this. The users are also sharing the sarahah messages on facebook.

The purpose of

For money purpose, only this site is created. But it is not helpful to us. With survey and apps, this site owner earns the money from you. So you don’t complete your survey because it is not helping you and its wasting your time. It is not possible to reveal the name of the sender with the sarahah exposed because it’s very secure.

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