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Sarahah App Download | How to Login & Register

What is Sarahah ?

By using sarahah app, you can easily or anonymously express your feelings and end it there only. This sarahah app designed as a self-development app. In the last few days in India this sarahah apk has been making the waves, is the best app for both ios and android users. In this sarahah app, we did see the concepts like where a friend can post and what they feel about us like these at sayat.me. You can also learn about our improvement areas by this app. only in Arabic and English languages, this sarahah apk is available.

This sarahah application is used only in iPhones and Android devices. By this application, you can receive the honest anonymous feedback for about yourself. You have received this feedback from your friends, families and other persons. By using this feedback you can share your account with others after sign in or sign up. This is only for your self-development. You can use this sarahah app in friendship. In this you can discover your strengths and areas, by this, your friendship will be improved.

By following with sarahah snapchat tutorial, you can link this sarahah on snapchat. Sarahah means honesty. In Arabic which means candor and by this you can learn what people think about you.

This application is most popular in Arab countries. Recently the English version of sarahah app is launched, so you can also sign in or sign up in the English version. You have to create your sarahah account by simply click on the register button. To start the sending and receiving messages, first, you have to log in your sarahah account by entering the sarahah username and password.

Sarahah login and Signup:

Here I am going to share information about how to login or signup into Sarahah. First of all, you have to open a Sarahah login page if you are already a member of this app. After that, you have to enter your Email ID or User Name and Password then press on login button. Click on the Register button when the user doesn’t have any account on Sarahah.com previously. Now user needs to fill up their details and click on Register Button.

How to Use sarahah app?

In later, this sarahah app is launched for the other operating systems. In web browser also you can use this app by opening the English official website sarahah.com. Developers are created this sarahah app from Saudi Arabia called Zain Alabdin Tawfiq. In the outside of the office, this app gives a place for friends to communicate honestly with one another their strengths and areas for improvement.

This sarahah app is launched in last two months ago. In 30 countries including the UK, this app reached to the number one in Apple’s app store. In this app, the new messages appear in a feed which may be favorite, delete or forward. For this actions, the sender is not alerted. If you have received the offensive or uncomfortable messages from the senders then you can block those senders in this sarahah app. This app is designed for constructive feedback. After blocking a contact it will make sure to not able to send any more messages but it won’t reveal the senders who sent the messages.

Sarahah APK for android

This sarahah APK is used as a social communication sites like Facebook, instagram and twitter etc. sarahah APK is the one of the similar pretty app on android devices. It is having the prominence. Most of the users are using this sarahah APK for improving their personality and this app is also used by the anonymous peoples.

In the July last week, fortune.com reveal that sarahah app had fastly moved to top most of the charts. This app is most popular free download app on IOS app store from the U.S.

It is the second most popular free download app on google play store for the android devices.From the launching day to this day this sarahah app.

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