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There are various movie streaming websites that offer free movies for users to stream and watch. The fashion of going to cinema halls and theaters has witnessed a rapid decline and people nowadays prefer to sit on their couches and sofas and enjoy the movie experience in their own way. Rented VCds and DVDs also came into fashion but they have also gone down the drain because it is a bother to go and get a VCd or DVD on rent and watch it within a specified time limit and then again return it within a deadline.

People do not want to work with such deadlines anymore especially when there are alternatives. Movie streaming has slowly replaced every other movie viewing medium because of the primary reason that it is very convenient. Users can choose any website or app they want and then watch the movie at anytime and anywhere. The resolution of the movie can also be decided by the user. All in all, the total amount of control that is given to a user by movie streaming websites is one of the significant reasons why people are changing over to movie streaming websites. is one such website which offers users some great features along with great movies. features:

  • net consists of features that are offered by most of the other movie streaming websites but significant considerations the user might have when using this movie streaming website is that it has a gigantic library which can even rival Netflix. From action movies to anime and cartoons, from documentaries to general videos, has it all.
  • The user interface is also a big plus for this movie streaming website because it is very simple and the color combinations used is really awesome.
  • The search function, as well as the categorizations, that are offered on the home screen itself is of great help to users and makes the app very easy to use.
  • The great amount of user control that attributes to its users is also wonderful.

How to watch or get

Unfortunately, is not available anymore because it has been discontinued for reasons of piracy and after an extensive trial. However, you can get some versions of it on the Internet which you can watch directly on your PC Browser for you can download it on your Android device. Do this at your own risk, however, as has been discontinued by law and any complications arising from using it or its services must be handled by you only.

Note: Website Went Offline Due to Piracy Issue 


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