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ad blocker for android apps are free of course some of them are paid. But are the free apps really free? Not actually, you need to pay the price of bearing those numerous ads pops up every time you use the so called free mobile app. Are you annoyed those ads and wishing for a blocker app to get rid of the ads from the mobile apps of your android device? If yes, then Join million people around the world who are enjoying new apps every day with all the annoying ads blocked using this gifted mobile app. Now get rid of numerous ads every time you open a paid or free mobile app. These ads pop up at the system level and adaway download is the best way to block them all.


Solution: Simply Install the adway android mobile app and choose to block the annoying ads. Start blacklisting all the annoying hosts and websites using this simple mobile app. Make your android mobile phone completely Ad Free. Unlock the possibilities and prepare for the simplest and best way to block the ads.

Features Adaway Apk Android Latest Version :

  • Blocks Ads – Any App requests for an ad will be immediately blocked.
  • Flexible – This app works seamlessly on all the networks whether you are using Wi-Fi or mobile network.
  • Add Exceptions – Adaway apk is super flexible and You can add exceptions to allow any type of ads you like or black list ads coming from some of the marketing websites.

Why Adway requires ROOT :

Ever wondered why do such ads pop up? Yes, you might be already aware that those ads are the source of income for developers. Such ad blockers were once available in Google play store before but later removed such apps.Thankfully android mobile operating system allows you to root your device and install third party apps such as Adway Apk. Rooting is a safe and very easy to become an administrator of your device which also allows you to install updated android versions if your manufacturer stopped updates already.

How to Root your device:

Rooting is the process of becoming the super user and opens up the great possibility of enjoying tons of amazing third party apps like Amazon etc. instead of just trying boring apps from the Google Play Store. which is a kind of Jail-breaking for an iPhone, Bear in mind that by Rooting, you may void your mobile device warranty. This may not be the case with all the manufacturers, for example, one of the popular Chinese manufacturers, One Plus allows you to be the root user for your device and can still enjoy your warranty. Use any popular apps like KingRoot, Root explorer apk, supersu apk etc. to root your device. Become the Root user and unlock the new world of possibilities.

How to Install the Adway:

Requires ROOT. You can install Adway easily by downloading its android application package app file from FDroid or XDA labs. Download the latest version 2.3 apk file of the app from XDA Labs or FDroid to your device. Open the downloaded apk file to install the app. XDA developers community provides brief instructions and troubleshooting steps in case if you are stuck while installing or rooting your device. Once app is installed, it will ask for root permissions, click OK to grant the access. Then download the host files and apply ad blocking to begin the blocker.
You can install any previously supported version for your device from FDroid.


  1. Adway doesn’t block any ads directly but it tries to block servers which pop up the unwanted ads.
    When any app refuses to install due to the reason that the apps distributed by that mobile app are blocked using the Adway app then you can easily whitelist the app to continue the installation.
  2. While Adway is tested for all the networks, in case if it’s not working reliably for your mobile network connections then please deactivate the proxy from your APN settings. You need to disable the proxy otherwise ads will appear even though you use ad blocker apps such as Adway.
  3. Please disable Data Compression Proxy if you are using such plugin already for your browser.
    Reboot your device whenever you make any changes to the settings of Adway apk.
    Disable data saver option in your browser if ads popping up.

How it blocks ads:

Adway requires root access to /system folder of the device.Whenever you open an app, it will request for an ad from web servers and content servers which will display your ad to respond. It requires routing to the hostname and IP address the request to be routed to. Adway routes these requests to local host ip address which responds nothing to the ad request. It blocks the web servers that distribute these annoying ads to websites. It does so by managing host files of your device. Hence it requires ROOT permissions to the mobile device.

Adaway Apk Download Latest Version:

Adway mobile app is a free and open source ad blocker. It’s the most favorite ad blocking app for millions from a long time already and a popular choice among the Android users when it comes to blocking the ads. Enjoy an automatic, always available powerful ad blocker in your android device no matter which app you use or which website you use. This app is built to address the most annoying and frustrating issue Android users face with ads with constant updates. AdAway is designed specifically for android devices to work flawlessly with the android operating systems and it works with almost all browsers available for android mobile phones. AdAway apk is a tool to block ads on all the websites that you visit. Annoying ads, popup and un necessary advertisements make surfing miserable on most of the websites.

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